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The Gol Mod excavations have turned up a great variety of stones and mixed materials. Jade, no doubt originating from the world of the Han, appears in the form of polished disks, lathe-worked objects, and carved ornamentation. Turquoise from western Asia has been found in several of tombs. Free of impurities, in circular or—less often—in teardrop form, it is often set in gold. Agate, rock crystal, amber and glass appear in bead form. It is difficult at present to determine the exact provenance of these various materials.

Non-destructive techniques are employed by the Centre de Recherches et de Restauration des Musées de France to study the characteristics and composition of these materials. Comparing these findings with data gathered from the sites where the material was extracted or worked should provide new information concerning their origins. These pieces appear to reveal the existence of an international trade network.

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