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We know from Chinese sources that textiles played an important role in Xiongnu society. Chinese silks were included among precious goods that were assembled for diplomatic gifts. Beginning in 1924, the excavations at Noin-Ula confirmed these historical assertions. At Gol Mod itself, a hundred fragments have been discovered, not to mention those that have mineralized through contact with metallic objects.  

After treatment, most of these fragments were studied at the Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musées de France, others were entrusted to the Chevalier Conservation workshop. The best-preserved specimens were cleaned and consolidated, and then examined, first under a stereoscopic microscope and then using scanning electron microscopy. This has revealed the weave and has detected the presence of wool, silk and felt. Certain pigments, such as cinnabar, have also been identified. A better knowledge of the nature of these textiles should lead to a better understanding of international trade, an issue comparable to that of the study of pearls and hard stones.

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